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Homework, I Love You - Kenn Nesbitt's In reference to the poems 'Then & Now' and 'Civilisation' -Identify the ways in which the poet utilises poetic devices to create meaning -Discuss how the poems challenge conventional discourse -Discuss how and why the poet, her voice, poetry and subjects are silences or marginalised. No more gunya, Now bungalow, Paid by hire purchase In twenty year or so. Bunyip he finish, Now got instead White fella Bunyip Call him Red. The line 'Call him Red' is explained by the fact that the poem was written at a time when many Australians feared there were communist saboteurs in the community (sometimes referred to politically as "reds under the beds"). (the 3-beat lines mostly occur as the last line of a stanza). Thus 'boomerang' and 'spear' are used to symbolise the primitive way of life. Homework, I love you. I think that you’re great. It’s wonderful fun when you keep me up late. I think you’re the best when I’m totally stressed, preparing and cramming all night for a test. Homework, I love you. What more can I say? I love to do hundreds of problems each day. You boggle. Read more

No More Homework! No More Tests Kids'' Favorite Funny School Poems Also analyse and compare the two poems in terms of critical literacy -What is the poem about? Lay down the stone axe, Take up the steel, And work like a nigger For a white man meal. And I suggest the last line of the poem uses hyperbole. You should be able to find other examples, including symbols of primitive methods of waging war. About A light-hearted collection of poems about the trials and tribulations of going to school, by such authors as Bruce Lansky, Carol Diggory Shields, Jack Prelutsky, and Joyce Armor Prebinding Reprint edition from Paw Prints April 9, 2009; titled "No More Homework!

School poems, poetry and limericks -What is the dominant discourse of multiculturism or reconciliation at the present time? If anyone could be of assistance that would be great. As you didn't, here's a version taken off the Internet. No More Boomerang by Oodgeroo Noonuccal formerly known as Kath Walker No more boomerang No more spear; Now all civilised Colour bar and beer. One time naked, Who never knew shame; Now we put clothes on To hide whatsaname. Black hunted wallaby, White hunt dollar; White fella witchdoctor Wear dog-collar. A bunyip is a monster, believed (by the superstitious) to hide in some waterholes or in dense bush. School poems, poetry and limericks from - School jokes, teacher jokes, pupil jokes and more

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