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How do i say in hebrew "I miss you sweetheart"? Yahoo Answers Here we have compiled a collection of "I miss you sms / text messages" that includes Missing You Messages, Missing You SMS, Missing You Quotes, I Miss U Messages, I Miss U SMS, Miss U Quotes, I Miss You SMS, I Miss You Text Messages, Miss You Messages, I Miss You poems, I Miss You quotes, I Miss You poetry, and poem for someone you miss so much. How do i say in hebrew "I miss you sweetheart"? woman to a man. Or something similar, like i miss you baby, or i miss you darling, or i miss you my love.

How to say I love you in Hebrew - Quora We hope that you will enjoy our miss you SMS / text messages and rate our sms according to your choice. It depends upon four different factors. If you're a male saying “"I love you” to a female you say “אני אוהב אותך” pronounced “ani ohev otach”.

Ways to say I Love You in Hebrew Lesson & Audio Because Our Re Lation Is From Heart To Heart, Not SMS To SMS." So, Whenever I Don't Message You Don't Think That I Have Forgotten You... You can say I love you in Hebrew to your boyfriend or girlfriend, your family members and friends. It can be used in Hebrew just like “I love you” is used in English, so you won’t find yourself in an awkward situation. Note The following ways to say I Love you in Hebrew will not include the “to 2

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